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In Shop Welding & Fabrication

We are a one stop shop for all your welding and fabrication needs. We don't treat "small jobs" any different than the "biggies". Every customer is just as important to us.

Cracked rim?

Broken chair?

Small repair project?

We can and will help! Any size and any type of metal, we are the welding shop for you!

Receiving service from our company is hassel free! One call does it all!





We weld the following metals In Shop:
"Small" Welding jobs that we have done in the past:
Welding Repair Available:
  • Steel 

  • Iron

  • Cast Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Cast Aluminum

  • Titanium

  • Silicon Bronze

  • Brass


  • Cracked wheel or rim

  • Broken chair

  • Broken lawn furniture

  • Bicycle frame repairs

  • Exhaust blower repair

  • Exercise equipment

  • Cracked transmission

  • BBQ grill grate

  • Cracked manifold

  • Snow plow repairs

  • Mig (wire feed)

  • Tig (Precision HELIARC)

  • Stick

  • Oxy-Acetylene (Brazing)

  • Oxy-Acetylene (Flame cutting)

  • Plasma cutting (Electric precision cutting)

Misc fabrication
Truck ladder/Steel Racks

We fabricate ladder/steel racks for all types of trucks. From Independent Contractors, Landscaping crews and upfitting companies. Stop in our shop for a FREE quote. We can give you a price in person or over the phone if you would like.

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Bear Metal Welding & Fabrication, Inc.


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